“Agriculture is a very viable enterprise and is interestingly challenging.”- Kolade Ige (YAP,March-2013)

Mr. Kolade Ige


This month, our young agro-preneur of the month goes to Kolade Ige the founder of FARM FEEDS and EQUIPMENT Nigeria. He is into General Poultry farming, aquaculture and livestock feed consultancy. AGROPRENEUR Nigeria team caught up with him and he shares his thoughts with us. Here is his story:

“Agriculture for me has been a great passion i have always longed to fulfill especially because it is a noble and humanitarian enterprise whose effect/advantages go beyond money making. it is the most honest money making charity business you can think of… think about the number of people you can take off the streets and give a life, the number of families rich or poor that you make alive everyday by putting food afford-ably on their table and the cool cash that rolls into your pocket daily. All these make agriculture a passionate calling for me rather than just business.

I started my adventure in agriculture when I was in my second year in the university with little or no experience, but my passion and determination led me to ferociously seek knowledge and experience all of which didn’t come at no cost. I will always make reference to my first stock of fish I loaded into an open soak away hoping I could fetch in water to satisfy the fish everyday it wasn’t as easy, so I lost them all in less than 2 weeks, this experience woke me up to the challenges and tasks to expect and to prepare through adequate information. I have strong interest in fish farming which is a very lucrative business in Nigeria today although people are declaring it unprofitable after their first or second harvest.  With the knowledge of this problem, I made a personal research into the issue and came out with findings and solutions tackle the problem. I also have passionate interest in poultry production as an inexpensive means of enhancing protein consumption in our society.

Starting up is the hardest and easiest thing to do not in terms of money but in terms of interest. Interest is the sole capital you require to start up an agribusiness because even without money, your interest will pave your way to accomplishment. Money gravitates towards ideas and interest, so my interest and idea was my first capital which made start up easier for me. I remember it took me about a year to build my first concrete pond because, I was saving and doing it in bit, by time it was ready I was confident to call in someone to join in stocking the pond, contributing my pond as my equity in the business, this went on for about a year at the end of which I had enough proceed to continue my business alone. I will agree that it has been challenging from the start I have been able to sustain through persistence, faith in GOD, self confidence and support of my family and friends.

Initially, I relied solely on personal study to acquire the skills I needed to excel in the business, but it got to a point I had to meet people who were better experienced in the business for guidance and relevant information. I developed most of the information I obtained and adapted them to suit my conditions and it worked perfectly. Agriculture is an enterprise, at some point I had to develop some entrepreneurial skills and intelligence, though initially on my own through books and journals. I later attended entrepreneurial training program of the Enterprise Development Centre of Lagos Business School at Pan African University where i acquired basic training in entrepreneurial development. Other specialized agricultural skills acquired have been through my association with other professionals and academics in the field of Agriculture.

I have benefited from mentor ship especially from more experienced professionals and academics who have found it worthwhile to nature me with their wealth of experience this has been helpful. Professor Adebayo of Fisheries and Aquaculture at the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTAkure) Nigeria was so helpful during my early days in aquaculture. Also is Mr. Oluwole Yussuf of FUTAkure farm who relentlessly monitors my success in the poultry section of my enterprise.

I have enjoyed training opportunities of the Federal Government and I am currently a mentor under the You Win mentoring Program initiative of the Federal Government of Nigeria. I am looking forward to a number of grants and aid from the Federal Government and Agricultural Development Institutions.

For all the young people out there, Agriculture is a very viable enterprise and is interestingly challenging. Giving you an opportunity to give genuinely to your country and get paid with high rewards. Gone are the days when farming was a dirty job, with modern methods of production and equipments agriculture has almost become fully automated requiring the soundest of minds and thinkers. You can take advantage of the changes and innovations in agriculture today and make an impact on your society and make a life for yourself. If you want to get rich quick… go to the farm…”igbe l’owo wa” (There is money in shit or dirty business)”


PHONE: 08163558535



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