INSPIRING YOUTHS- “My Songhai Experience” by Kusimo Idris (YAP,Feb-2013)

SONGHAI Centre for Training, Production, Research and Development of Sustainable Agriculture Port- Novo Benin Republic was like a dream in the heart having heard much about this center with the great influence it has expanded along the coastal countries of West Africa. Going to Songhai was a turning point that has led to a drastic change in my moral, academic and basic human relation.

                  The training which lasted for six months drilled both mind and soul of each student individual that participated in the training. Each section has a powerful influence because the productivity and sustainability cannot be over simplified my level of reasoning changed from a two-dimensional way which it was in school to be a multidimensional enterprise.

                    I learnt a lot about aquaculture, renewable energy (bio gas production), feed mill, agro –processing, poultry and market gardening. I took to mind and this helped me in getting this basic from every section. I had to humble myself in order to be taught and knitted into a world-class agricultural enterprise. 

   The life and dedication of the Director Reverend G. Nzamujo inspired me to become a determined person having seen and heard the history of the Songhai centre the creed of this center which says “STAND UP AFRICA” was a motto I created on the tempest of or my heart each day I go to work

                      In summary, I went to the Songhai center and I can say confidently to Africa and the entire world that I conquered!

                      I will also like to use this medium to tell the entire youths of this Federation  that hard work, determination and dedication should be enacted in any thing we do for Africa to rise to this full meaning of its creed, we youths must be ready to take the mantle. I believe in Nigerian youths and Africa at large because WE ALL CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Contributed By Olalekan Kusimo a graduate  of FUTAkure, Nigeria. You can contact him for matters related to Biogas Production on


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