When we talk about going green, often times we think about the basics such as reusing plastic bags, turning off the lights, recycling your products or even ensuring you purchase products and services that are environmental friendly. But then let look at a bigger picture. A picture of what lies ahead of us all. A future of not wasting our resources but utilizing them effectively and in a environmental friendly manner.  Let us examine how we can GO GREEN in our business. But first let examine what it means to GO GREEN.

“Going Green” is a term used to describe green initiatives such as producing environmentally friendly products, manufacturing products using machines and equipment that produce substantial less ozone omissions and decrease waste being dumped into general water supplies. It can be providing a green service such as converting paper or hard copy files into digital ones thus eliminating the need to always photocopy documents.



  • Use less paper

  • Recycle paper products
  • Buy biodegradable office supplies
  • Try create a niche in the green market
  • Recycle old computers and peripherals
  • Buy green products for cleaning around your company
  • Buy organic food for your kitchens
  •   Use daylight instead of office light whenever you can
  •   Be diligent about turning off lights when a room is not in use
  • Print only when absolutely necessary

Going Green has numerous benefits for you and your office not only does it make you environmental friendly but it does surely helps you spend less and save more. You also are happy that you are not contributing to global warming. Why don’t you try these tips today?


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  1. I’m glad to see your post- going green at the office is so important! Hopefully I will be able to start a Green Team at my company to help encourage more eco-conscience behavior.

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