AGROAM to Assist Smallholders in Nigeria have Increased Access to Market come 2014

A farmer using a mobile service provided by Banglalink ‘Krishi Jiggasha’ to know the information about Agriculture in Tangail

Just like most country in Sub Sahara Africa, Smallholders in Nigeria among many other face the problem of having access to market and information on market prices. As a matter of fact, research shows that smallholder farmers can lose up 90% of their income in trading due to lack of proper market information and environment.

It is with this in mind that AGROAM are making plans to enter the Nigeria Agriculture market come 2014 with an ICT platform that would help smallholders have a functional agricultural market using web and SMS. AGROAM would allow farmers and agriculture entrepreneurs registered with them to check for price of product, tell others about what they have for sale and also help them find partners in their locality to help them. For example AGROAM will allow farmers send SMS to a particular short code to inquire about price of specific products. The online platform is also flexible and enables you sign up as either a seller or a buyer.

The Nigeria agricultural market would really  benefit from this product as it would allow wholesaler have good bargaining power and our smallholder better and increased access to market which in turn would translate to better income and livelihood to cater for themselves and increase production too.

In a chat with AGOPRENEUR Nigeria, Anthony Connor of AGROAM explains that this product would not only help the farmers but also government, NGOs and research bodies. Data gathered from this platform would be shared appropriately for government outreach and other endeavours such as data analysis, market survey etc. Farmer and other would be able to share contact and price data.

AGROAM is currently been used in South Africa. Nigeria would join countries like Brazil, Colombia, Ghana and Lesotho where the products would be launched in 2014. In the main time, partnerships are currently been discussed with NGOs, relevant agencies and companies that would help put the product in the hand of those who need them across Nigeria




  1. This is a wonderful concept. I especially like the idea that it will cut across mobile sms platforms. It is really going to ensure monitoring and stability of prices. This will help buyers get items of the best quality for the lowest prices. It is a good one. Many thanks to AGROAM. I must advice though that massive effort be put into publicity of this product to farmers, even those in the hinterlands where there are mobile networks -thanks to the NCC and telephony operators- as this will enhance maximum utility, thus, ensuring enhanced productivity n large profits. Thank you

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. We do agree with you that a multi stake holder approach is need for such a service to not only succeed but most importantly get to those who really need it.

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