PHOTO CONTEST: IYFF 2014-Visualizing the potential and contributions of family farmers worldwide

The International Year of Family Farming (IYFF) highlights the decisive role of family farming in the sustainable production of 80% of the world’s food and in the conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity.

The IYFF-2014 photo competition collects visual expressions to build stronger recognition and support for family farming, and encourage broad participation in the IYFF.

The IYFF-2014 photo competition is calling for photos that represent the motto: Family Farming: Feeding the world, caring for the earth.

Entries must visualize the strength, potential and challenges of sustainable, multifunctional family
farmers worldwide, in all their diversity and contexts.

A jury consisting of Angèle Etoundi, Bernward Geier, S. Jayaraj, Tomás Munita, Deo Sumaj and Jun Virola
will choose the winning photos. The deadline for entries is 1 May 2014, but we appreciate receiving photos earlier.

The jury will choose a total of seven winning photographs: one first price and six second prizes, one for each continent. Five “popular choice” photos
will be selected by the public through an online voting system. The winning photos will be announced at the end of October 2014 during a special IYFF event.

There are cash prizes for the winners: 400 euros for the first place photo; 200 euros for each second place photo; and 100 euros for each ‘popular

The winning photos will be announced in October 2014. Your entry can be submitted via the website below, or by
sending your photo to

For more detail visit the organizer’s site




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