Training at Songhai Farms Porto-Novo, Benin- 10 things you should know.

Ten things you should know about training at Songhai Farms

OJO Olawale

In the past months, I have received so many emails, facebook messages and calls requesting how to get trained at the Songhai Farms and research center located in Porto-Novo Benin Republic.

To assist the numerous youth and individuals interested in getting trained find below some key information you should know.

1. It is important you have an international / ECOWAS passport plus a yellow card. This allows you easy movement across the boarder and means of identification during your period of training. Official currency is France Cefa (CFA) with 1Naira been between 2.80CFA-3CFA depending on exchange rates.

2. As an international trainees, there are two modes of training to be explored
I. Daily training : this is usually charged daily .This is for training between 2days to 3months. Participants of this module are charged 15000CFA(5000Naira) per day of training.
II. Long term training: This usually a from a minimum…

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