Ericsson Application Awards 2014

Is your app a winner? Developers, startups and students who have an idea for a great app, here is your opportunity! You are invited to submit your entries and compete in the Ericsson Application Awards 2014 for the best Android or iOS apps.

How will working life be organized to meet changing behaviors and emerging technologies? How can we contribute toward making the next generation of working life a one where people can innovate, collaborate and balance their lives outside work better? We are open to your suggestions.

This competition will give you and your team the opportunity to gain a foothold in the app industry, while also earning recognition and making contacts within the telecom industry.

What is the Ericsson App Awards?

The market for smartphone applications, or apps, has exploded over the past few years. This started, more or less, with the introduction of the iPhone and has been complemented by the advent of the open-source Android mobile operating system. At Ericsson, we are always keen to understand how our communication equipment and services are used by the end users. Therefore we started Ericsson Application Awards – a competition where talented developers, top students and entrepreneurs have a chance to show what they can do and what ideas they have.

This competition will give the opportunity to gain a foothold in the app industry while also earning recognition and making contacts within the telecom industry.

The theme for this year is “Working Life.” It is about creating ways to connect people, things and places to empower individuals, society and enterprises. How can mobility, the cloud, applications and services improve our working life? Can apps help people innovate, collaborate and balance life outside work? We are open to suggestions.

The awards for each category (Students and Companies) are as follows:

First prize: EUR 25 000

Second prize: EUR 10 000

Third to tenth prize: diplomas, honorary mentions

Technology for Good award

Moving forward

To join the competition, register a team of between 2-4 people on the Ericsson Application Awards site or visit Be sure to meet all the requirements stipulated on the page.

For more details about the requirements, evaluation process and criteria click here.



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