Food forms… Fresh vs. canned vs. frozen…



BY Adeyeye Wole

Regarding nutrition, While it seems intuitive that frozen produce would be less nutritious than a fresh, leafy plant, this article will help bring to light the gospel truth…

Are there more vitamins in fresh, canned or frozen vegetables?

From the faRm to the table…

fresh produce is often picked before its peak of ripeness and shipped with minimal damage to its destination. During which fruits and vegetables are exposed to lots of heat and light which may diminish some of sensitive vitamins in the produce. fruit and vegetables being picked at a later date ensures its richness in nutrients.

From shelf to the table…

Canned vegetables can lose some of their vitamin C in heating process during canning, but when they are handled and canned quickly, much like frozen foods, the majority of nutrients are locked in and retained. Therefore, canned vegetables can have the same, if not more nutrients than fresh vegetables and the levels of these nutrients remain the same even after one to two years of storage.

From freezer to the table…

Frozen vegetables, on the other hand, are picked at the peak of ripeness then blanched and flash-frozen to remove bacteria and lock in their essential nutrients. The faster they are frozen after picking, the more nutrients they will retain. while fresh vegetables have a lifespan of only a week to two weeks at best, frozen vegetables can last much longer in the safety of your freezer.

Boiling vegetables also releases nutrients, so be sure to boil them for as little time as possible.

in essence, there is no difference in nutrition between fresh and frozen produce. Because of the nutrients that are lost due to most commercial food production of fresh produce, as well as the nutrients lost during the blanching and reheating processes of frozen food, the nutrient profiles of each are relatively the same.

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