This Poem was written by our Young Agropreneur of the Month of JANUARY 2014, Agbonlahor Marymartha as a message to all youth out there to take up agriculture and agribusiness.

It is 25% of the earth

On its fruits depends the human race

Although neglected by the same

Barren becomes

I am one in a million professions

No land is barren with me at hand

I, in the hands of the weak, make strong

In the hands of the poor, make rich

Embrace all professions

I do

To the success of any nation

I’m key

Know me

You do

Talk about me

You do well

But what you don’t do

Is more significant

Knowing is not enough

And talk don’t cook rice

Act now

Revive! Revive!! Revive!!!

The glory of the lands

The glory of our Nation

Go back to the lands

Bring life out of the lands

Give food to the world

Be the Giants again

Embrace me

And empower u

I will Hear my call

Hear the cries of the voiceless

To my cause

Lend your hand

Lend your talent

Lend your time

Lend your voice

Lend your youth

And with good measure

Reward you I will

Pressed down, shaken together, running over

Let me blossom again

Let the lands smile again

The power I give, wield

And the glory you desire, yield

Ever humble and noble

I remain

Calling to all

Pleading to all




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