Young entrepreneurs advocates for more private partnerships in agriculture


Adesola Yinka on the farm

Adesola Yinka on the farm

The initiator of the Entrepreneur Youth Cooperative Multipurpose Society, Ms. Adesola Yinka has called for  more private partnership in Agriculture especially in  provision of Incentives inform of Fertilizer, seed,
Pesticides and Irrigation system

In an Interview with Agropreneur Naija!, Adesola stated that the private partnerships will go a long way in boosting agriculture business and encourage young farmers. She said “Agriculture is a business and like every other business, it has to be nurtured to maturity, a viable business that requires lots of investment and dedication “

Adesola continued by saying that a lot of youths are interested in agriculture adding that there are numerous ways agriculture will be made easy for the youth saying that young people, most especially in Nigeria have no interest in agriculture because Nigeria is still very backward in infrastructural development. “Outside Nigeria, hardly will you find a region where hoe and cutlass is the major cultivation system. The world of agriculture has been completely mechanized leaving us behind.
No youth in his right mind will ever want to go through that system” She said

She said “To have access to mechanized agricultural tools in Nigeria, you will go through hell. Government policy on Land is nothing to write home about. You can only have access to land if you are well connected, yet these lands are wasting away. Government protocols and procedures about agricultural facilities are killing. No unemployed youth can afford it”

Adesola continued by saying that every state has one type youth empowerment scheme or the other and yet many youths are not benefiting from it. She said that youths can work with private investors and government to constitute themselves into groups usually called out growers or cluster farmers and manage the farm for them saying that the yields and returns can now be shared at a percentage. She said” This will provide a win-win situation, the youth are empowered and the investors make profit”


She however said that The future of Agriculture is bright adding that we can tackle the problem of corruption is will go a long way  saying that corruption is the debarring force for every sector of our economy including agriculture.”  Money allocated for agriculture is siphoned into someone’s account. Even the G E S fertilizer does not reach many farmers.


Furthermore, Adesola said “We have the land, We have water for irrigation, Our soil is fertile,
We can plant all season because our weather is favorable yet we import from countries that hardly have 3  to 6 months of good climate system. We import food from countries that have no sufficient land. They plant most of their crops in Green house System because of insufficient land and we still import from them, it is sad”

On the Entrepreneur Youth Cooperative Multipurpose Society, Adesola said that  the society started out as a Young Farmers Cooperative and Along the line some other youths that have little
or no interest in Agriculture or farming showed interest and it prompt the name to be changed to reflect multipurpose for all enterprising youth

 She said that The main Objective is to encourage youth to save towards a projects and get multiple money  saved as loan from the cooperative she added that the interest rate is a digit and the repayment is flexible.

She also said that the society do personal projects through cooperative effort and
Part of our upcoming project for the first quarter of this year is to set up a cassava chips processing factory near our source of raw material

She however mention some of the challenges they face which includes unemployment, private investors not believing that agriculture is a viable business, land, banks not giving loans for startups most especially for youth groups.

Photo Credit : Yinka Adesola




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