Making Money from Fish Farming

Mr Adeyemi Adeshina  attending to his customers

Mr Adeyemi Adeshina attending to his customers

Mr Adeyemi Adeshina  a seasoned fish farmer Speaks with Tokurah Majid Jeremiah of Agropreneur Naija!

. He sheds more light on his experiences in agriculture and fish farming and noted”access to marketsas not a major issue in his line of farming. Hear him open up in this one to one chat with him in his living room in New Oko-oba, Ifako Ijaiye area of Lagos state after attending to his fishes.

Majid Jeremiah -Can you please introduce yourself sir?

I am Mr. AdeyemiAdeshina I live at No. 28 Funsho Owoyemi street in new Oko-oba, Abule- egba.

Majid Jeremiah -How long have you been into fish farming?

I have been into this line of farming for almost. 10 years now

Majid Jeremiah – How much capital do you think a young person should have to start fish farming?

He/she can start with around N100, 000 or even N50, 000, it is always better to initially start in a very small way so such person can acquire the necessary experience even after getting the required theoretical training.He/she can start with like 250 or 500 fingerlings and see if he/she is able to rear that quantity for the normal period after which he can later decide to expand.

Majid Jeremiah – Sir, is it possible to raise 250 fingerling with N50, 000 as startup capital?

Yes, because all he/she needs is a small plastic tank; where to erect it, where he/she is living and make sure the location the person lives has drainage. i.e. gutter outside the compound so he can pipe the waste water outside and change the water when due. When considering feeding, we could look at having N250, 000 at least as capital for that amount of fishes. We buy the fingerling at N20 each.

Majid Jeremiah – What are the major challenges involved in fish farming?

Primarily it is finance (you should also find out how much it will cost you to feed the particular quantity of fish you have in stock to mature size),if eventually when its two months and you run out of cash it means that the business/investment abruptly ends, therefore you should first take note of the cost of feeding for the duration of rearing, once that is noted then you may not have problem.You must also have a good practical knowledge which is a very important criterion, it is not only about putting feed in water every time. Drainage of water from the pond is also a very big challenge,when you don’t have proper drainage then you would have problems with neighbors’ because you will always be discharging water on the road.

Majid Jeremiah – Which is more profitable, raising to fingerling, or raising to matured fish?

Raising to fingerling is more profitable because you don’t need much money to run it from day one when its hatched to fingerling(6 – 8weeks) , juvenile (10weeks – 12 weeks) before you sell it,you only need a small amount of money for feeding, but however it involves tedious work. It is not always easy because you have to make sure certain condition  are met, if you do the required test. E.g good condition of water (if you don’t have good quality water the fingerling cannot survive), good pH of water(your water is not acidic), no bacteria inside the water. Once these and other conditions are met you may not need to treat the water.

Majid Jeremiah – How often do you change the water for the fingerling and also big fishes?

For fingerling; you should re-circulate daily, which is called “flow-through, you however don’t need to change the whole water all you have to do is raise the water to the particular level where you want the water to discharge through the outlet pipe, let it be at that height then you open the water from the water reservoir so it will drop gradually, as it drops from one end it will come out from the other end (water in from one end, water goes out from the other end),as we do that the water becomes eventually becomes clean. We therefore don’t need to drain the whole water, when you drain the whole water you could change the parameters and natural habitat the fish is accustomed to.

Majid Jeremiah – How can one identify good stock of fishes?

Before you buy fingerlings you must make sure you buy from a reliable source, someone you know very well and will not deceive you,and a place where you are allowed to check to see the type of brood stock they are using when hatching because a brood stock automatically determines the kind of fishes that you would produce from them. It is very important if you cannot hatch and rear the fingerling yourself; make sure you go to a reliable place. You should note that some brooders when they hatch and don’t get customers to buy the fishes at due time still keep them, the best way to ensure good quality fish is to sell those fingerlings completely between 8 – 10 weeks. If you don’t get somebody to buy your fingerling then that would be a bad investment. some brooders will however not throw away the fingerling when they are past due time to be sold, say at 20weeks the fishes is supposed to have grown to a bigger size some of these fishes still remain very small, they however sell to unsuspecting buyers claiming they are fingerlings. So look for somewhere reliable to buy.

Majid Jeremiah – How do you sell your fishes?

We have many customers but we try to maintain 3 groups which normally come in batches, each group will have 4 – 6 sellers which we sell to, any day we have a lot of fishes to sell we call each batch one after the other. So the fish market is a ready-made market, there is no amount of fish you will not be able to sell if you are producing very high quality fish. Some people will produce fish and when the buyer takes it to their shop the fish then die, if your fish is very good you will automatically get buyers.

Majid Jeremiah – Somebody who is new to fish farming how can he/she access fish markets?

If you are a new entrant the best thing for you is for you to attach yourself to someone who has been in the business for a long time, because when you start very small you might not be able to call people who buy/selling  large quantities.When you are about starting it is advisable to get in contact with people who have already been practicing fish farming for some time so they will connect you with buyers, there are many of them outside.

Majid Jeremiah – What’s your advice for young farmers?

All I advise for young farmers or anybody who intend to start anything animal production either poultry, piggery, or fishery, such a person must be able to attend to the farm personally, because when you employ somebody to manage your farm you might not be able to totally monitor the activities done on the farm so there is possibility of mismanagement, if you don’t have time please don’t go into it. And also make sure the location of your farm is very accessible to you; don’t go to a very far place where you have to travel.


Mr Adeyemi Adeshina 

Delight farms


Phone nos: 08027632831, 08111626563


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