AGROPRENEUR NAIJA! Emerges winner in the 2014 #YoBloCo Awards.

Olawale OJO receiving the YoBloCo Award at the FIN4AG14,  in Nairobi, Kenya

Olawale OJO receiving the YoBloCo Award at the FIN4AG14, in Nairobi, Kenya

The winners of the Youth in Agriculture blog competition (Yobloco Awards) were announced on the 17th of July, 2014 during the cocktail dinner organized at the Fin4Ag International Conference in Nairobi, Kenya where Agropreneur Naija Blog came out as the Best Agriculture Blog in West Africa in the Institutional Category. Results were announced in the presence of participants of the Fin4Ag conference, and in the presence of various personalities including the Director of CTA, Michael Hailu. Olawale Ojo C.E.O of Agropreneur Nigeria was in attendance to receive the Award on behalf of the Agropreneur Naija Team. Apart from the cash price won, each winner received an Award Plague, a Certificate and various CTA publications.

The competition was organized according to the framework of the ARDYIS Project, and aims to raise youth awareness and improve their capacity on agricultural and rural development issues in Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries, using ICTs. The blog competition aims to put into public interest successes and issues faced by youth engaged in agriculture in urban and rural areas; and to encourage the production of information and the use of new information and communication technologies by young farmers groups and organizations interested in the youth in agriculture issue.

Subsequent to blog submissions, 121 blogs participated in the individual category and 24 blogs in the institutional category went through the public evaluation process where the public voted for two of their favourite blogs in the individual category and commented on the institutional blogs. 30 qualifying blogs which received the highest number of public votes in the individual category were selected and all the blogs from the institutional category which went through public evaluation were analysedand evaluated by the jury.After a keenly contested online voting process, the jury made its decision where Agropreneur Naija! Emerged among the Top 12 bloggers of the Yobloco Awards invited to take part in the Fin4Ag international Conference in Nairobi, Kenya, from the 14 – 18 july, 2014, where the winners of the YobloCo Awards were be announced.

Agropreneur Naija the social media outlet of Agropreneur Nigeria participated in the 2014 Edition of the Youth in Agriculture blog Competition (YobloCo Awards) which was organized by the Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation (CTA) in collaboration with other partners including e-agriculture, African Youth Foundation (AYF),Pacific Agriculture and Forestry Policy Network (PAFPNet), Caribbean Farmer’s network (CAFAN) , Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA), African Network for Agriculture, Agroforestry and Natural Resources Education (ANAFE) and Association Yam Pukri among others.

Watch here a 2 min video showcasing the 12 finalist blogs and played before the announcement of results.

Other Winners of the YoBloCo Awards announced at the Fin4Ag Conference can be found on the YobloCo website.

For more information on the competition visit

We would like to use this medium to thank first our readers, fans, and supporters. Many thanks to all those who took part during the public evaluation process.


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