WECA: Creating Wealth through Agribusiness in Ondo State, Nigeria

Cross-section of Agropreneurs at the WECA Programme

Cross-section of Agropreneurs at the WECA Programme

The involvement of youths in Agriculture and Food security programmes cannot be over emphasized. Youths being the most important target group for human resources development constitute the foundation of sustainable development. For sustainable food production and viable agricultural development, youths need to occupy a very central stage.

In my capacity as a youth, i made a visit to the Ondo State Wealth Creation (WECA) programme after hearing about the program from my interactions with some very passionate young agriculturists in Akure, Ondo state Nigeria. I was astonished about how such program exists for teeming youths with interests in Agricultural entrepreneurship and majority of them not knowing about the existence of such program made available for them. This inspired me to write this blogpost on the “WECA” programme as such information could be valuable to young agropreneurs or should i say now “nagropreneurs” who complain of general access challenges such as capital, farm inputs, access to machineries, improved seeds availability, requisite training and experiences e.t.c such information could come in handy for them.


The Ondo State Wealth Creation Agency was established in 2009, the program understands the importance of agriculture in improving and increasing household food security and hence provides raw materials that can drive the industrialization and employment opportunities for youths in Ondo state, Nigeria.

The WECA program focuses on creating wealth by introducing young men and women to modern agricultural best practices and agribusiness while exposing them to the entire value chain of agriculture which includes supply of inputs, production, preservation, processing, services, marketing and distribution and agric. financing, etc. The WECA programs objective involves the implementation of programs that act as catalysts to the systematic evolution of a new crop of professional farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs and also designs and develops efficient integrated value chain mechanism that focuses on production, processing, preservation, marketing and distribution and non-agricultural products thereby developing viable indigenous technology as a means to wealth creation.

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