A Nagropreneur’s Story – “I worked For Three Months Without Pay to Learn the Rudiments of Fishery Business”


The popular saying goes: “there’s nothing you can’t achieve with hard work and belief in your cause”. This long-held maxim certainly applies to the very inspiring story of Adenuga Adeniyi, the NAA 2014 Nagropreneur of the year who was one of the fortunate 27 Nagropreneurs who received grants from the Federal Government during the Agrifest 2015 celebration which recently held in Abuja.

Adenuga Adeniyi, CEO, TEPEBO FARMS is a young, vibrant Nigerian who benefitted from the Youth Employment in Agriculture Program which was launched in 2014 by President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

Buoyed by his deep passion and affinity for agriculture, Adeniyi, a graduate of the Federal University of Agriculture in Abeokuta, would visit different fish farms during the strike period and school breaks so as to have the much-needed on-farm experience which he so desired. In the course of doing this, Adenuga worked for three months without pay on a fish farm just to learn the rudiments of the business prior to his NYSC program.

Like every other budding dream on the move to attaining accomplishment, Adenuga’s dream faced several challenges ranging from unavailability of land, to scarcity of quality fingerlings, high cost of procuring feeds, adulterated feeds and most of all, lack of access to start-up capital.

However, despite all of these, Adenuga remained undeterred and pressed on as a result of his inextinguishable drive and his belief that if properly done, fish farming could be very lucrative.

Like a silver lining at the end of Adenuga’s dark cloud, the Youth Employment in Agriculture Programme was launched. Components of the programme included training, mentorship, access to land and finance, market networking and so much more.

Adenuga became one of the beneficiaries of this highly-laudable policy program by the Ministry of Agriculture and gradually began to realize his dream of establishing his own fish farm.

Shortly after he had started production and harvesting of his fish, a family friend of Adenuga’s travelled with some smoked fish from Adenuga’s farm which he shared with some of his friends. Having been impressed with the packaging and quality of Adenuga’s merchandise, they requested for more and after several orders and many more referrals, Adenuga officially ventured into exporting of his fish.

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