Hear and Learn New Agricultural Technologies at the 19th International Agricultural Technology Exhibition, Agritech 2015.

Photo-credit: Google images

Photo-credit: Google images

The 19th International Agricultural Technology Exhibition and Conference one of the world’s most important exhitions in the field of Agricultural Technologies is going to hold in a couple of hours. The exhibition starts tomorrow April 28 – 30, 2015 and will be held at the TLV Convention Center in Tel Aviv, Isreal. The event presents ground breaking technologies and insights into post-harvest methods and processes to tackle the challenges of post-harvest food losses.

The world’s population is expected to grow 9 billion by 2050, and the need for improved agricultural productivity has never been important with the current challenges of climate change, and its effects in agriculture and food production. One of the most obvious ways to enhance productivity is through the stimulation of innovations in agricultural and food technologies.

Agritech Israel has served as a platform for the past three decades to bring together foreign visitors from 115 countries to interact with leading agriculture technology companies of the world. All those involved in manufacturing, marketing, Research and Development, as well as all those involved in the various agricultural sectors both directly and indirectly across the world, are taking part in the Agritech Exhibition.

Visitors includes Agronomists, Marketers, Bankers and Investors, Heads of Municipalities, Distributors, Professional Consultants, Engineers & Technicians, Researchers, Farm Owners, Project Managers, Government Representatives and Scientists. Exhibitors’ information profiles include; Agri Ecology, Agricultural Building Contractors, Agricultural Machinery, Aquaculture, Biotechnology, Fertilizers & Chemicals, Floriculture, Fork Lift & Handling Equipment, Greenhouses, Livestock & Dairy Farming, Marketing & Export Services, Organic Agriculture, plant Propagation Material, Plant Protection, Plasticulture.

The last exhibition was last organized in 2012 and had 8,100 foreign visitors, 196 isreali exhibitors and 57 foreign exhibitors. It is hoped this year’s figure will exceed these figures.

Hear and learn about the new technological breakthroughs that the Israeli industry has to offer. For updates and more information on Facts on Agritech 2015, Exhibitors, Exhibitors profiles and to download the Agritech Brochure visit website here and connect via Social Media on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and #Agritech.


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