WANTED: Distribution partners for #Lillopep

9994775_origCulstew  just launched it Lillopep range of products. Lillopep is a blend of tomatoes, pepper, onions and scotch bonnets which is boiled, packaged and then stored to a freezing point that prevents spoiling.

It is a range of products targeted at helping busy people skip the stress of going to the market after a long day of work. It is convenient, safe and easy to carry.

Culstew, thus seek distribution partners for this products range in and around Lagos.

Would you like to become a distribution partner? We have various distribution models that could fit your interest. Kindly review the different distribution options we have and if you would want to register as partner, fill the form via the link provided.
There are basically two criteria to become our distribution partner:

  1. Ability to keep the integrity and quality of the products – consistently frozen and free of odours
  2. Enough capital to purchase the required volume for your distribution option

Distribution options

  1. Retail Distribution – These are retail outlets with the capacity to make minimum monthly orders of 100 bowls across the brands. They also enjoy the highest margins primarily because of the volume they purchase. They will also be provided with point of sale materials as well as direct marketing support.
  2. Mobile Distribution – These are individuals who are willing to sell our products within their offices and communities. They must have the capacity to make minimum monthly orders of 30 bowls across the brands. They also enjoy good margins which can become competitive with retail distribution once the monthly orders attain the minimum required of retail distribution.

You can fill the form here


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