Marketing: Promote your Farm Products at Obetek Farm Network


The same goes for any Farm Produce.As a matter of fact, a successful business is determined by the results it generates, basically in terms of Sales. We can never over-emphasis the importance of any Sales Department.If the Sales/Marketing Department is sick (not doing well), the entire business enterprise feels the sickness.

Where to buy,At the Right Price, And Sell at the Right Place and at the Right Price keeping both the company and customers’ interest in mind.

Marketing Problem in Nigeria:
In Our country,Nigeria, Many people go into Farm Business without doing the necessary Marketing Research and Survey.

You need to know exactly your target market and Demand, The Market Size, etc.

Many people go into farming without having all these tools which to me are the most important tools a business man should have.

The Main Thing is Who will buy it. And that’s where business starts from.

Many Investors going into Farming Should understand the implications of adopting a marketing system even before the start of the business.

My Personal Experience in Production:
Many Investors who use the Production Orientation, May Start a Poultry, Cassava, Fishery farming. And then after producing thousands of tons, then they start to search for WHO WILL BUY their produce.

That’s like Preparing a bag of rice on a birthday and you start to Invite People to come to your party on the same day without giving them Invitation. You will get little or no attendance because these people do not have prior notification.

Same thing happens in marketing too. If you fail to get the exact market you want to sell to, the business will have a big time problem soon…

And out of frustration, Many in this Category just force people to buy at a low price. Sometimes at a loss.

Marketing of Produce is the Best Point to start AgricBusiness. (that is Selling Farm Produce).

Many businesses have folded up just because they were not able to generate enough Sales to sustain the business.

Making Profits in business means the sales/marketing are selling the companies products at a rate which is very profitable for the company and also affordable for the customers/clients.

Promote your farm product with our Technology Portal. Join Obetek Farm Network to sell your farm produce Nation and Worldwide… We encourage small-scale farmers to use our Portal to market your products online. For more details contact us @ 012956320, 08088860555

Post by Aliyu Ibrahim


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