Five (5) Reasons to join the Songhai Farm Tour in August

Market gardening Session of Songhai Farms

Market gardening Session of Songhai Farms

The 5 days tour to Songhai Farms Porto Novo Benin Republic being organized by Hadur Travel and Tours will hold August 2nd to 6th 2015. Are you still contemplating on signing up for the tour? Or are you just coming across this information for the first time. Take a few moments to read about why you should not miss this tour.

Why Songhai Farm?

Songhai farm center is one of the largest NGO farm projects empowering Africans, a pride to Africa. This center is an integrated farm that uses all its waste produce to generate more income. Center Songhai is a chain of agricultural research centers established by a Nigerian American for the promotion of the study of sustainable farming techniques. In 2008, Songhai was recognized as a Center of Excellence for Africa by the United Nations and Economical Community for West African States this is simply amazing. Its decentralized development model is being replicated in various countries of the continent: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d’ Ivoire, Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Togo, Zambia, and Uganda.    The farm has roughly about 15 sections, which can be broadly classified as: aquaculture, bio gas, animal production poultry, mushroom, marketing, food processing, mechanic, machine fabrication and lot more.

Below are 5 cool reasons why you should join this tour

  1. You get expert technical knowledge and skills needed to begin or grow your own farm in 2015 and beyond make extraordinary produce this year. This training session features On site practical learning from farm experts in chosen sections of the farm. Three days of intensive learning from experienced, professional and practical farmers. Learn about poultry, fish farming, Bio gas, mushroom growing all you need to get your own sustainable farm going. Get professional answers to all your farm related questions
  2. Eat healthy fresh African meals daily. Nothing can be as healthy as taking fresh, clean meals on a daily basis. The Songhai tour affords you the opportunity to eat freshly made meals in neat and homely environments harvested right from the farm. The taste of fresh juice…oh how refreshing.
  3. Increase your well of knowledge on agricultural income generation. The tour to Songhai helps to broaden your knowledge and thus open ones eye to farming techniques that will boost your farm income and teach new skills like farm management, value addition and marketing that will go a long way to help boost your agribusiness when you get return to your farms or business plans if you are an intending farmer.
  4. The testimonials from past participants on this tour are yet another reason to consider. Read below what a few had to say

“A visit to Songhai is never a wasteful experience. There is always something to learn and I have learnt a lot that will surely be used to improve my business.”-Abdulsalam   Jibril 

“Every hour and money expended on this tour has been fully rewarded. I  will recommend it to friends. “-  Ibikunle. O

“Agro business Tour can never be completed without Songhai visitation for a systematic integrated farming.” – Chief Lamidi T.A Ololade

“Wonderful, thrilling and new knowledge and view about agriculture and nature. This is an experience to the next level.”  Omotoso  Adewale

  1. Leisure and relaxation: The tours are spiced with leisure so you will have the opportunity to visit Cotonou after your study – a few hours of site seeing and relaxation will do no harm but much good.

So what are you waiting for let’s learn, partner and tour Songhai farm together…you’ll never be the same!   This fantastic exposure on the farm guaranteed to boost your produce in year 2015. Our 2015 tours are a must aside from our agro tours to Songhai farm we have tours Israel agro study tours as well as tours around exhibitions  like Agrictech Isreal and  Agritech Africa

Don’t wait a minute more, call today to book your seat. Please download the tour enrolment form  SONGHAI STUDY FORM

For registration procedure and fee follow this link –

For further details and inquiry call Text or call CEO on 08033134108 or Bukky on 08086762144, you will get response in no time.

Visit: for more information and testimonials from past participants


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Suite 22 Block B G/floor
Alausa Shopping Mall , Alausa,
Ikeja ,Lagos, Nigeria.
Phone : 234-8033134108,08099350378,



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