From Economist to Poultry Farmer: The ‘Ella Clinton Story!


20150718_112254Many young people have continued to defile all odds and built sustainable agribusinesses that stand the test of time, create employment and help generate wealth. Particularly of interest are young women who stand out in doing farming as a business.

In this piece we bring to you our interview with 29 year old CEO of Nuela Clintons Farm who 3 years old moved away from urban Lagos to rural Ogwashi Uku in Delta state to start her poultry farm focusing on egg production and is doing really well. Her farm currently generates profit of over #300,000 monthly.

Q: Can you please introduce yourself?

A: My name is Emmanuela Clinton, CEO Nuela Clintons Farm, located in Aniocha South Local Government Area in Delta State. I have a BSc in Economics bagged from Covenant University Otta, Ogun State.

Q: How was growing up for you?

A: I was born in Lagos Island, started schooling at Nazareth Nursery\ Primary School Festac Town and finished at Lagos State University Staff School {LASU}. I had my Secondary School at St Roses Girls Grammar school, Ogwashi Uku in Delta State, there I grew up with my grandparents and proceeded to Covenant University for a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. Served and worked in Lagos before I commenced my poultry farm in January, 2013.

Q: Considering you do not have a background in agriculture either via your parent or by studying in the school how did you get into poultry business?

A: On the 10th of September 2012 my birthday, I asked God to give me a birthday gift, as I was reading through the bible that morning, God told me that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were farmers and he multiplied their cattle. I told God I cannot rear cattles then came the idea of poultry. I do not have a background in Agriculture; it’s simply an inspiration from God.

Q: How did you build your skill base in poultry?

A: I attend seminars and practical training on poultry farming. Recently, I travelled to Dubai for an International Conference on Poultry Farming. All these help me to improve my skills and do my business more effectively.

Q: How much capital can a youth have who wants to go into your type of farming?

A: The capital, a youth who wants to go into poultry farming (Egg production) should have will depend on the size of the farm. I started with about #300,000

Q: How do you promote agribusiness development through social media?

A: I promote agribusiness development through Social media by posting pictures of every exhibition I attend. I also join groups focused on agriculture and youth involvement which gives me the opportunity to share experiences and see what others are doing. This keeps me going and alert to opportunities around me.

Q: How do you access labor or do you do most of the work on the farm yourself?

A: I employ young people in my neighborhood and they do most of the work on the farm. At the moment we have staff strength of 3 persons.

Q: Have you gotten any level of support from the government or other organizations?

A: Yes I have benefitted from a few grants and loan scheme. But I must be quick to mention that they were mostly possible because they funders could see prove of seriousness and continuity in my business.

Q: What challenge do you face with your business at the moment?

A: The challenge I face on my farm is high demand for my product, hence the need for expansion. At the moment I have over 2000 birds that lay eggs producing about 40 crates per day. Many times I have daily orders of 100 to 150 crates. I usually have to source from other farmers whom I trust their products to meet my demand.

Q: Where do you see your farm in 5 – 10 years’ time?

A: My farm has also branched into Consultancy. Helping and motivating people who have flare for farming and thus far, we have assisted more than 20 people start and establish their own farms. In the coming years, we would do more of this while we work on expanding production and someday hope to be one of the biggest farms in Delta Stare

Q: What advice do you have for young people planning to engage in Agriculture be it farming or other aspect of the value chain?

A: Any young person planning to engage in farming should embrace agriculture with both hands because people cannot stop eating. Discover your place in agriculture and passionately grow your business.

Farming has definitely not changed Emmanuella from been a youth she still spends her leisure swimming and shopping for dresses.

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  1. Am so inspired with the achievement of Ms Clinton, it is a handy tool for youths wh believe in their selves and are willing to be entrepreneurs.

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