The Sun can power your farm for FREE! You need no labourers!

Wildflower meadows growing between panels_Credit Guy Parker_GP_Westmill_

Wildflower meadows growing between panels. Credit: Guy Parker GP Westmill

It’s no news that for over 4 thousand years ago, farmers have employed the use of solar energy in drying their crops and heating their water. Today is no different except that the Solar energy system technology has now gone advanced since the late 19th century when it was first discovered by A. E Becquerel (1839) that solar energy can be converted into electricity. This discovery of A. E Becquerel, a teenage Physicist then, was later known as the Photovoltaic effect.

Am not here to bore you with much science, but what could be more interesting than the fact that getting a complete Solar Power system for your farm is now highly affordable starting from as low as N299 per watt of a durable solar panel?

So what benefit is the Solar Power system to a farmer?

You know, the list is innumerable but I’m going to make a list down for you, follow me.

  1. Solar powered irrigation system
  2. Remote Electricity supply for your Farm house
  3. Solar powered farm implements including water pumps, crop dryers, etc.

With Solar power on your farm, you will definitely say good bye to Diesel and Propane costs. Not only that, there will be reduced noise pollution, air pollution and the cost of maintaining a solar powered system is very low.

So what next?

It’s quite simple, go to the market and purchase a full installation of solar power system for your farm. Unfortunately sometimes, it isn’t as simple as it sounds though.

With the recent energy crisis in the developing countries and especially in the Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria, one would think countries as Nigeria would be investing heavily on other alternative and renewable energy resources like Wind and Solar energy. Unfortunately it isn’t so and the reason will certainly surprise you.

First of all, what is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is a cheap and almost a free energy. It is generally defined as the energy that comes from resources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat.

We will appreciate this more when we compare it to the non-renewable energy sources that we have today like the crude oil and coal that’s mined from fossil fuel deposits beneath the surface of the earth.

Why non-renewable energy is not preferred in Nigeria and Africa

Considering the rate of fossil fuel use, it is estimated that worldwide reserves of Fossil fuels will become extinguished by 2039. So we anticipate a global energy crisis if nothing is done before then to avert the situation.

Apart from that, the fossil fuel is not a clean source of energy. Its combustion releases dangerous carbon emissions that deplete the ozone layer in our atmosphere, little wonder Global warming has always been the re-occurring issue in several United Nations meetings these days.

Renewable energy on the other hand is completely clean. Some of the benefits of renewable energy source include:

  1. Its reliable
  2. Its naturally renewable
  3. It is clean and environmental friendly.

The way forward for Nigeria

The government and private investors are key players in renewable energy revolutions sweeping across the world now.

I was privileged to meet Dr. Patrick Owelle who is the M.D and CEO of PSC Industries Limited (PSC Solar). PSC Industries Limited is a Solar Electricity and Renewable energy total Solutions Provider located in Lagos, Nigeria. I particularly picked interest in this company because they don’t only talk about the need for the switch to alternative energy sources; they are actively involved in transforming a lot of lives via their highly affordable solar energy Photo Voltaic panels, inverters and storage facilities. A look at the PSc Solar website is certainly worth it.

In one of Dr. Owelle’s papers that I got access to, he wrote:

“Traditional fossil fuels and conventional power generation methods have failed us in Africa or Africa has failed the traditional and conventional power generation methods, it is now time to do something else; namely deploying and integrating power from renewable sources like Solar, Wind and Biomass in to the national power Grids”

Personally I couldn’t agree more with him. So what is Nigeria still waiting for?

It’s hard to tell. Over the years, Billions of dollars has been pumped into the nation’s energy sector and yet no tangible result is seen.

But the good news is that you don’t have to wait for the government this time. You can light up your home at least using the abundant solar energy. All you need is a complete solar converter set including Photo Voltaic panels, inverters and batteries.

About Author:
Chekwas Ojike is a Trained Physicist, a freelance writer. He owns where he shares some Tech stuffs.


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