Syngenta Launches Ampligo amongst other Products

Syngenta-1140x641Subsequent to the massive destruction of tomatoes by Tuta Absoluta, Syngenta Nigeria yesterday launched Ampligo, a simple and fast crop protection solution against many insect-pests that ravaged food crops in Nigeria-especially in Northern part of the country recently.

Syngenta, the leading agricultural company helping to improve global food security has also launched two new tomato hybrids; Chibli and Kilele alongside two local rice varieties; Faro 44 and Faro 52.

These launches, according to the company’s country Director Dr Shachi Sharma, reflects “Syngenta’s continued commitment to playing a leading role in the transformation of Nigeria’s agriculture”.

Ampligo, according to him, is a simple and fast acting crop protection product for use anytime against many insect- pests in many crops, especially against Tuta Absoluta , a deadly pest that if not controlled, can destroy up to 100% of the tomatoes on a field.

“Thousands of Nigerian farmers have suffered great loss due to this pest and Ampligo provides an effective solution.

“Ampligo works against wide varieties of sucking and biting pests in vegetables, potatoes and field crops, giving up to 21 days protection. This means that, farmers can reduce the number of times they need to spray their fields, saving them time, energy and cost –while freeing up time for them to conduct other important tasks.”

On one hand, Syngenta has launched Chibli hybrid tomato variety for farmers who grow for both the fresh and for the tomato processing market. According to Sharma, the variety grows well across different agro-ecological zones and has a high solid content making it suitable for tomato paste processors.

On the other hand, Kilele is a high quality hybrid tomato that can be harvested over a 10-week period compared to local varieties that can only be harvested over a four week period or so. The long harvesting period extends farmers’ sales window, increasing their abilities to optimize their returns.
According to Sharma, Nigeria currently imports 2.9 million tons of rice. “In a bid to support the government’s drive to boost local rice production, Syngenta is multiplying, cleaning, treating and packaging local popular rice varieties developed by AfricaRice by training and up-skilling Nigerian farmers as out-grower seed producers. Due to this effort, farmers across Nigeria now have access to high quality certified Faro 44 and Faro 52 rice seeds, assuring them of improved germination and yield.”

“Syngenta Nigeria Limited has worked tirelessly with smallholder farmers and key partners on multiple crops in multiple states across the country. Working closely with key national institutions like NAFDAC, NASC, NIHORT, NPQS, and FMARD and other stakeholders, we are today excited to be able to introduce not only new tomato and rice seeds, but, introduce advanced crop protection technology like Ampligo to fight serious pest like Tuta Absoluta. We believe this range of new agricultural technologies will really help in improving farmers ’productivity and income, and make a positive contribution towards Nigeria’s agricultural development,” Sharma said.

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