Tokurah Majid Oshole-imodu joins the team with an  extensive experience in the agricultural space and an expert in sustainable agriculture; he has experiences in using social media to represent youth interest in agriculture through awareness and capacity building events. Jeremiah had previously been a President at the Nigerian Institution of Agricultural Engineering students, FUTAkure. He is a Local representative at YPARD Nigeria .He is the CEO of AgriPRO KONSULT, An agribusiness bringing farmers closer to their markets. He is a member of PMDAN . He blogs at http://jidkod.wordpress.com



Awoyinka Tosin is an Agricultural Engineering graduate. Certified in Sustainable Agriculture and Integrated Farming Systems from Songhai center in Porto-novo, Republic of Benin. She is an agent of change making agriculture funky, an agro consultant and a speaker on gender equality in agriculture. She organised an agricultural workshop annually tagged #Cooltofarm. She is passionate about rural development and agricultural research development. She encourages youth particularly women to embrace and get involve in agriculture. She also trains people on some aspect of agriculture especially processing. She is currently the supervisor at the aquaculture unit of Jamilaville farms. She is strong willed and will only rest till agriculture becomes the “IT thing”. 

Adeyeye Adewole is an individual with highly refined leadership and management skills.  Humanist, student of history and diligent follower of global politics and international relations, prolific writer, lover of sports and entertainment, an avid reader


who grew up knowing the difference between oppression and liberation, social injustice and justice, mass poverty and disgusting opulence. He strongly believes in the course of agriculture and supports passionately continuous revolution in this sector so that myriads of challenges can be tackled. Mr Adebowale has Bachelors in Technology degree in Agricultural Economics and Extension from the Federal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria. He blogs at http://adebowaleadeyeye.wordpress.com


2013-07-17 09.43.39Oluwabunmi Ajilore is first and foremost an agriculturist; with a Bachelor of Agriculture, and specialization in Soil Science. He also holds a Masters degree in Environmental Biology. He is a young professional in ARD (an active member of YPARD), with particular interest in ICT4AG. He has thus participated actively in the use of ICTs for the dissemination of agricultural information both to practicing and intending farmers, and also to change the often-negative perception of young people about agriculture and motivate them to come invest their energy, drive and innovative ideas into agricultural research and production.

As a researcher, Bunmi has also been involved in a research area that focused on the use of organic amendments by smallholder farmers as opposed to the use of expensive chemical fertilizers. The result of this research is published here. He also has interest in the area of sustainable/climate-smart agriculture and environmental sustainability; especially as relating to the environmental costs and impacts of chemical inputs in agriculture, i.e. pesticides and synthetic fertilizers’ impacts on agro ecosystems and the wider environment. He blogs at Ecoagriculturist Blog.


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