Exploiting Agribusiness Opportunities in Africa: Food Security, Employment, and Economic growth

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In various continents of the world, Agribusiness has been known to be a driver of economic growth. In Africa, it has a positive impact as it accounts for 30% of national income as well as a bulk of export revenues and employment. Kenya for example, is a key producer of tea, accounting for 59.6% of total production in Africa. The country is a leading tea exporter and one of the largest black tea producers in the world. With an estimate of 33 million small holder farms in Africa, a vibrant agriculture driven economy can cause increase in yields, increase in income generation, reduce in post- harvest losses and thereby put an end to food wastage. Agribusiness is capable of initiating the agricultural growth that will positively improve the livelihood of Africa’s increasing population. It can fasten Africa’s progress towards development.

In Nigeria for example, over 78.4 million people are willing, able and actively looking for job, development in agribusiness can have a direct impact on this people because an efficient and effective agribusiness will lead to increased employment in agro industrial activities.

Agribusiness does not only cover farmers it covers input suppliers, agro processors, traders, exporters and retailers. It is a term which indicates farming and all other industries, and services, that constitute the supply chain. The business of agriculture is not to be neglected in development priorities, the focus should not only be on urban industrialization, government need to get their role right on building necessary industrial capability and capacity, strengthening managerial capacity and promoting institutional services.

To successfully achieve desired result in agribusiness, understanding and comprehension of the nature of the business and its untapped opportunities is important. Food importation in African countries has to reduce and promotion of local agricultural products has to be carried out adequately. Although there are challenges as regards climate, policies, governance, laws, infrastructure and basic services, the goals to end poverty, hunger, have improved nutrition and sustainable agriculture should be a focus that will ensure motivation. To reduce the incidence of extreme poverty and unemployment, increase in importation, massive migration of rural peasants into the cities, agribusiness needs to be promoted and financially supported efficiently and effectively.

Africa’s projected population by 2050 is 2 billion; the continent has an estimate of more than one- fourth of the total un-fed people in the world. To guide against starvation, rapid rise in food prices, severe malnutrition, food riots, extreme poverty, higher rate of social vices and diseases; there is indeed a crucial need, to exploit the opportunities in agribusiness and make the business of agriculture more productive and profitable like never before so as to achieve improved social outcomes and solve the problem of poverty and food insecurity.

For a better result, Africa needs to take important decisions concerning agribusiness opportunities and act in a better way.

Written by Idowu T.Owoeye


Agrikexpo 2015 Calls on Agric Stakeholders in West Africa

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Photo credit: Google images

The Annual Agriculture/Food exhibition (AGRIKEXPO) would now hold this year on NOVEMBER 5 -7, 2015 at the Prestigious Eko Convention Centre, Victoria Island Lagos. The event which will be going into its 4th edition was originally set for 14 – 16 April, 2015 and has a focus on delivering the highest turnout of stakeholders (Import buyers/distributors, Farmers, Top Government Officials, Exporters, Academics, Consultants, Bankers, Various Food and Beverage industry Captains, Agribusiness men and women etc.) who represent key gathering of decision makers from different countries of West Africa.

Agriculture is fulcrum to most other economic successes, there is a renewed drive for commercial scale agricultural practice with the attendant need for renewed approach away from the labour intensive practice. With more than 84million hectares of arable land, abundant sunshine, over 160million people, cheap labour and a renewed zeal towards agriculture, the nation is clearly headed for an agricultural boom. Our vast fertile lands calls for the deployment of modern technology for commercial scale productivity and Governments are willing to lend supports in partnership with the private sector. Indeed the opportunities for agri-business activities are clearly enormous.

AGRIKEXPO 2015 is being partnered by the Conference of the European Union in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, National Agency for Food, Drugs Administration & Control (NAFDAC) with endorsements from Federal Ministry of Trade & Industry, National Association of Chambers Of Commerce Industries and Agriculture (NACCIMA), Community of Agricultural Stakeholders Of Nigeria (CASON), All Farmers Association Of Nigeria. (AFAN), Nigeria Agribusiness Group. (NABG), Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), Cocoa Association of Nigeria (CAN), Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN), Ministry of Trade & Investments Ghana, Agricultural Research Council Of Nigeria(ARCN), Agricultural Society Of Nigeria, Cassava Growers Association.

Government representatives are going to be present at various levels in West Africa. The event is determined to encourage creditable networking and best practices amongst Agro-preneurs, including establishment of direct partnerships with Manufacturers, Suppliers, Service providers and Consultants where necessary. AGRIKEXPO having continuously evolved has established an outstanding pedigree and remains a premium face-to-face networking forum and a reference event for decision makers.

The 2015 edition of AGRIKEXPO is set to deliver as the largest West African exhibition for agricultural products and services assembling Agricultural stakeholders from all over West Africa. The visitor traffic for the event in 2015 is expected to reach an all-time high put in the range of 7000-8000 people.

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